The Summer League reference of the Spanish territory in exhibition of young talents.

Summer Draft League

It is the reference competition in summer of the Spanish territory - in Summer League format - for players who want to test their talent against the best of their age. To participate in it you must be invited or accepted by our Scouting team. Each Summer League is divided into men's (MSDL) and women's (WSDL) competition, and there are several events depending on the category (Pro, U18, U14).


The Summer Draft League is a unique showcase to show your skills as a young basketball promise. Participating in it, you compete against the best in front of scouts of the most prominent clubs in the territory, thus being able to arouse their interest so that you join their projects. Are you better than others think? This is your chance, Expose yoursefl!


The Summer Draft League is intended for those players who want to make a quality leap in their game, since in addition to competing against the best national players of their age, they have the opportunity to participate daily in "Workouts" taught by professional coaches.

SDL Team

In the SDL team we have:

  • Professional basketball coaches.
  • Qualified coaches of former and senior categories.
  • Physiotherapists.
  • Physical trainers.


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